Tuesday, July 29, 2008


“A unique happening... an example of dance of a standard never seen before ... a triumph"
Alan Peterson, Dance Magazine

"America is the acknowledged center of world ballet ... Stars of the American Ballet showed how and why." Dora Sowden, Johannesburg Star

"Excellent performance...it was marvelous!" Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

STARS was created with a tour of South Africa, and created international headlines as the first company to perform for a multi-racial audience in South Africa, and performed the World Premier of master choreographer Anthony Tudor's 'Sunflowers,' STARS toured for six years performing in over 66 cities each year to be become the most booked dance touring company in America.

Howard Dando, Founder and Director
Artistic Directors: Hilda Morales, Phyllis Papa, Paul Mejia, Resident Choreographer, Stephen Simmons, Resident Designer, Rick Paul

DANCERS: Fernando Bujones, Violette Verdy, Susanne Farrell, Patricia McBride, Jacques D'Amboise, Helgi Tomasson, Ted Kivett, Peter Martins, Karena Brock, Eleanor D'Antuono, Wayne Eagling, Merle Park, Merill Ashley, Allegra Kent, Kay Mazzo, Zina Bethune, Keith Martin, Hilda Morales, Marianna Tcherkassky, Cynthia Harvey, Lawrence Rhodes, Kirk Peterson, Warren Conover, Veronica Tennant, John Prinz, Anne Maria D'Angelo, Betty Chamberlain, Lynda Kuchera, Charles Maple, Phyllis Papa, George de la Pena, John Sowinski, Lisa Moon, Gigi Nachtsheim, Kimberley Pearce, Mark Mejia, Roberto Medina, Larry Hunt, Meg Gordon, Cathy Contillo, Karen Hebert, Cynthia Showalter, Barbara Weil, Roland Morrisette, Carmela Sanders, Russell Chambers, Thomas Banasiak, Sergio Cal, Manuel Urrego, Roger Rouillier, Ken Woodson, Steve Huber, James Vincent, Miguel Campaneria, Lars Rosager, Deleah Shafer

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