Saturday, July 26, 2008


"Audiences were asking whether the New World Ballet was as good as they thought it was, whether it might not, in fact, be better than American Ballet Theatre ... "
Marquee Magazine, Miami

"First rate-dancers and visually striking staging, the troupe established itself as an artistic force ...if there is one lasting legacy let's hope it is the New World Ballet."
Laurie Horn, Miami Herald

"An unqualified success... Miraculous... Pure Magic."
Joe Valicenti, Miami News

Howard Dando, Director
Norbert Vesak, Artistic Director; Akira Endo, Conductor; Tony Tucci, Lighting Designer;
Christina Giannini, Costume Designer; and Choreographers: Lynn Seymour, Vincente Nebrada, Norbert Vesak, Valeri Panov (Photo: Peggy Cromer)

DANCERS: Cynthia Gregory, Fernando Bujones, Anthony Dowell, Evelyn Hart, Galina Panova with Naomi Sorkin, Helene Roux, Zane Wilson, Alejandro Menedez, Jim Sutton, Michel Rahn, Joanna Berman, Ralph Di Rienzo, Renee Laverdiere, Lori MacPherson, Michal Margulies, Robert Masen, Victoria Rinaldi, Sharon Solik, Richard Schlein

NEW WORLD BALLET was part of a Mobil Showcase 6 one-hour specials with Placido Domingo, Henry Moore, Moses Pendleton, Twyla Tharp and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre for the ABC- Arts and Entertainment Network

Samples of 5 dance works by New World Ballet on YouTube on Stagelight2 channel.

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VIDEO clips from the New World Ballet ABC-TV one hour special: